What is the future we need to prepare for?

Some of the likely big challenges and opportunities ahead of the Dairy Industry include:

Water quality

Our fresh water is a global advantage, and preserving water quality is hugely important to New Zealanders. Dairy and other land users all need to reduce their impact on water quality.

Climate change

New Zealand has set an international target to reduce emissions by 30% below 2005 levels, by 2030. So we will need to keep reducing emissions from dairy while adapting to changes that result from climate change.

Economic growth

Dairy is a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy. We need to continue to play our role in contributing to our economic well-being, particularly in the regions while at the same time responding to community expectations.

Attracting and retaining great people

To meet our future needs we will need to attract more people into the industry. There will be a greater diversity of specialised skills required to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation.

Consumer expectations

New Zealand dairy products have many attributes that consumers want. So having greater supply chain transparency plus robust and verifiable evidence of performance will be pre-requisites for consumers.

Uncertainty and volatility

Greater political and economic uncertainty, rapid technological changes, and ongoing market volatility are all likely to be part of our future. Our industry will need to be resilient to volatility, and agile in responding to these changes.

Animal welfare

We will need to be responsive to consumer and public expectations of our care for animals, and be transparent about our performance, to maintain trust.