What Strategy are you refreshing?

The Industry Strategy for Sustainable Dairy Farming 2013 – 2020 ‘Making dairy farming work for everyone’, was developed and adopted by DairyNZ, the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, Federated Farmers and the Dairy Women’s Network. It established ten objectives for achieving a competitive and responsible dairy industry.

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Why are you refreshing the Strategy?

2020 is not so very far away, and with several years of effort behind us this is a good time to take stock of how we are tracking, what has been achieved, and what more we need to do. Much has changed even since 2013, and the Refresh is an opportunity to consider what new approaches might be needed.

What is wrong with the existing Strategy?

The current Strategy has been a great foundation, and we want to build on that capturing new ideas and knowledge. The Refresh is also a chance to focus on the future opportunities and challenges that we need to be preparing for now.

Who is involved?

The Refresh is being conducted by the Industry Strategy Partners – DairyNZ, the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, Federated Farmers and the Dairy Women’s Network.

Are you including farmers?

We want to hear from farmers and the Strategy Partners will be sharing information about the Refresh through their farmer networks and encouraging all farmers to have their say. The website is a place where farmers and those who work across the industry can find out information about the Refresh and contribute their views.

Are stakeholders contributing?

We are engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to hear their perspectives. This includes the wider dairy value chain and primary sector, the Government and non-governmental organisations and groups.

How will you do the Refresh?

The Strategy Partners have established a Working Group that will take all the inputs from across the industry and stakeholders, along with its own research and analysis, to develop the outcomes of the Refresh. The Partners have also established a Steering Group to provide strategic and governance oversight of the process.

What sort of issues will it cover and what is the timeline?

The focus of the Refresh is on sustainable dairy farming, and will look at the broad range of factors that influence the dairy value chain. The outcomes of the Refresh are likely to extend beyond the 2020 horizon of the current Strategy.

What will the outcome be?

The objective of the Refresh is to maintain and strengthen industry actions to achieve sustainable dairy farming. The Strategy Partners are not prejudging what the specific outcomes of the Refresh might be, as they want to hear from farmers, stakeholders and others about what matters to them.

What happens at the end of the Refresh?

The Strategy Partners aim to conclude the Refresh by October, following which the focus will be on implementing the actions and commitments in order to achieve the Strategy’s objectives.