Dairy industry strategy refresh

Setting the future direction of the dairy industry

Strategy Refresh Workshops

We need your feedback and input to set the future direction of the dairy sector. Attend one of our workshops being held around the country.

What is the strategy refresh?

A review and update of the current Strategy for Sustainable Dairy Farming 2013-2020 – initiated by industry partners DairyNZ, Federated Farmers, Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, and the Dairy Women’s Network.

Over the coming months we will be talking to farmers, the wider dairy industry, other primary sectors, government, and other stakeholders to hear about what matters most to them.

We will gather insights on the future opportunities and challenges that we need to be preparing for now.

We will share what we are finding as we go along, and ask for feedback to challenge our thinking and help generate new ideas.

We plan to have completed the refresh of the strategy by October 2017.

The future

What are the big challenges ahead for the dairy industry?

Have your say

What do you think the priority focus areas for the strategy should be? We’d like to hear from you!

Progress to date

Here is the summary of progress against the ten key objectives of the strategy.